Polly & Jake: pt 2

   You may not remember me but I’m Jake; the husky that lost his best friend Furball sometime ago. Even now I miss her but after Polly grew up and graduated from college then she found her own place and I got to go. There was no excuse for me not to

     Polly worked long hours leaving me alone most of the time. She rarely had a date or went out alone. It was work and home for about a year. I had a young boy, Cliff, came daily to take me out to the park where we played and I got to meet others. Well, I have to say I met a nice collie named Brook. She was about the same age as I and came from Canada. Now I know you humans out there can’t talk our talk but we understand yours, most of the time.

     As the days past I looked forward to seeing Brook until the day Polly was rushed to the hospital. For about a week I was taken on a short walk around the block and back home where I stayed until someone came to feed me in the evening. I admit. I was getting lonesome and worried about Polly. My panic mode was rising with the fear that she wasn’t coming back. until finally I refused to eat or drink.

     I laid around the apartment refusing to leave because I didn’t have to go since I wasn’t eating or drinking. One evening, it was ater dark and I was barely able to hold my head up when the door opened and Polly’’s mother wheeled her in, in a wheelchair. I could only whine with happiness. She rushed over to me rubbing my head and neck saying it was going to be okay. So what if I have four legs and a tail, I can still feel love and joy. We morn the loss of those we love like humans do. They say our nature refuses to let us go hungry but that’s just what humans think. They don’t know everything.

     When the month past and Polly healed I was there by her side when she took me for that stroll in the park where I once met Brook and her owner, a young man named Joshua. I saw the spark in both their eyes when they met. After a year Polly finally said, ‘Yes’ to his question.



When I was just a young boy I came across a small wolf pup covered in snow lying next to his dead mother near dead, starving and shaking with fear. Of course, the boy I was grabbed up the pup, stuffed him under my warm deer hide and rushed home. My mother was at the sink when I came through the door of the kitchen with the whining pup. I had to show him to her so I opened the cover and the tiny face of the white pup popped out whining. Mom quickly warmed up some goats milk and poured it into a bottle. I took it and sat down on the floor with the pup. Instantly he took to the warm milk as if it were his mothers. When my father came in and found the pup he told me I could keep in the back until he was well enough to return to the wild.
So for the four months that followed during the winter I fed and cared for the pup, named him Randy and kept my distance until the first warm spring day finally came when I led him to the edge of the forest. I removed the collar from his large neck while he stared at me through those dark eyes as if he didn’t now why he was there. I moved away but his eyes followed, he never moved or barked once. He put his nose in the air and smelled the warm wind blowing over his thick coat. When he refused to leaved I picked up a stone and tossed at his feet missing his tail. When he leaped to his feet I thought I was a goner when he came charging at me. I closed my eye waiting in fear of what was about to happen. I never heard the leaves or grass crumble under his feet so I didn’t where he was when I opened I eyes. Looking around I though he had actually gone until I felt the nose in my palm. He was sitting at my legs with his head in direct contact with my hand. I tried shooing him away but he refused to leave my side and followed me home.
That night over dinner my father told me a story of the Indian Legend and the Brave.Simply put the wolf have chosen the brave as his mentor and friend for life. So for nearly twenty years I had Randy as a friend and companion; even after I married. I found one morning in the kitchen on the floor  unable to get up when I knelt next to him. My wife stood behind me with tears when Randy took his last breath.
So you see some legends can be true.                  
      THE END