Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends

We are all related.” Says the Native Americans.


Rankin’s MORE Collector’s Edition is one of the most expensive books of 2014

Check this out: and I thought mine was overpriced.


Rankin’s MORE album , released in the format of the collector’s edition promises to be one of the most expensive books of the new year.

This fall the British photographer Rankin and co-founder of Dazed & Confused magazine and founder of Hunger magazine, released a major retrospective of his photographs titled More. The book includes photos taken over the 20 years of work , and for convenience , it was decided to sort them by chapters ( “Fashion “, ” Myths “,”Beauty”, ” Portraits “, ” Nude” ) .

About More, Rankin says, “If you look at my work and compare it to others, it’s a little uncomfortable, a bit strange, and a bit challenging.…I think my pictures are anti-celebrity—get them off the pedestal, get them face-to-face.…If you look at the work, it’s leveling.”

So the “Portraits ” chapter includes shootings of Scarlett Johansson , Jay-Z, Heidi Klum , the…

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Morning found me waking to the sun coming through the curtain into my yes.image

I rose to a sitting position on the bunk and stretched. I quickly dressed for the warm summer’s day in shorts, a tank top, and flops. Being a truck driver has it’s advantages.
After a quick cup of coffee, I readied myself for the long day of driving. What I didn’t know at the time was, there had been an accident about ten miles ahead in the direction I would’ve been going. But anyway; I finished my paperwork and got into the driver seat.
   When the large engine came to roaring life, I made sure to cheek my mirrors, got out for my first inspection of the day to insure the truck/trailer were in shape to be on the highway. When I was done outside I made sure all was ready inside–the airbrakes, wipers, and horns. Now it’s time to roll.
   You see, we are slow, large, and heavy. But we cross many state lines in 24 hours. You could say we’re a ghost when we come through your town unnoticed. I was in Emporia, KS the morning this photo was taken. By nightfall-the end of my day–I was in Limon, CO. What are real legends if it’s not us?

Pop-Tart Thievery: What Is the World Coming To?

Thoughts Appear

Until recently, I thought I was the sole member of Pop-Tart Addicts Anonymous (PAA). I mean, I’ve been the only one showing up for all the meetings. We I bring cupcakes or cookies since Pop-Tarts aren’t allowed. Obviously.

Now I see that PAA has other members…but they’re just in denial.

One lady called the police on her son when he stole her Pop-Tarts. Depending on my mood that day, the pre-PAA me would have asked…

  • You can do that?
  • What flavor were they?
  • Was it the last pack?
  • Did he leave the empty box there with no shiny silver packs inside?

But thanks to PAA, I can now say…

My stepsons eat my Pop-Tarts all the time. I had to get 3 boxes of the chocolate peanut butter flavor before I even got to try one. Did I call the cops? No.

Another man stole Pop-Tarts from a store, and…

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How to Create a Monster

Read to Write Stories

Everyone loves a good horror story. But anyone who tries to write such a story quickly discovers that it’s not enough to simply create a monster. You must also create a reason for the monster to exist. Or, to quote the great Albert Camus, who would have turned 100 this year, “A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously.” In all great horror stories, literary or otherwise, the monster is often a manifestation of a character’s inner monstrosity.

Ali Simpson’s story “The Monster” is a terrific example of this kind of character. The story was first published at The Southampton Review and reprinted at Electric Literature, where you can read it now.

How the Story Works

The story introduces the monster in the first line: “Laura was becoming unsure about what to do with…

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