Waya’s Chosen

   As a youth I never gave a thought as to what I would become when I became a man, I was too busy being wild and carefree–like most of the Great Creator’s creatures. But then I was offered the chance to become a great warrior.

   I was left motherless at birth, then a car accident left me mindless of my childhood. So I grew up on a reservation until the day arrived that the painful headaches forced me back to that mountain to seek out an old Indian man. What I found shortly after my arrival was far more than anyone could have expected–especially me.

   I come to know my new-found friends were going through the same ordeal as I. Only it took me making a massive mockery of what I thought were lies to believe in what the old Indian man told us. And that was what we were about to become. Of all things to be told, we were told we had been chosen by Waya to become a warrior–one with the wolf.

   After my friends and I were taken to a place called the Fort, one painful night proved to be a transition of a lifetime. When I returned back to that mountain where I was born it was to find my rightful place, my birth, and my heritage with the Cherokee. I became what I was meant to be.Image


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