Samples of Waya’s Chosen


The only home I knew I had to leave. When I left I left the only people I knew as my family.

                                                          Native Home:

When I arrived I was greeted by my grandfather whom I had never known. He took me back to the place it all begin–Black Mountain. My birth home.


During one of my adventures, I made it out to a creek where I once had a hideout as a child. What I came face to face that day was not an ordinary run-of-the-mill American girl. She was a pale as  a ghost with the bluest eyes.


After my friends and I were taken to a place called the fort, something happened. It was so bizarre but yet no one could stop it. One night proved to be a painful transition into become one of Waya’s Chosen.

As a youth I never gave a thought of what I would become when I became a man.


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