Centuries ago a village was hidden in the thick forest of Meeks Hollow covered with trees. In that village lived a unicorn named Jellico, a young buck who thought he was too big for his horseradishes. Of course people never thought such things existed because they saw them with their own eyes. Well, that parts true because they were to only to be seen by the eyes of sleeping children.

   On this particular afternoon Jellico and friends were horsing around and being themselves until Marlan called for Jellico to see him in his chambers.Instantly, Jellico thought he was in trouble again so he slumped off toward the chamber in fear of being punished for something.

   Taking the steps one a time listening to the echo in the hall Jellico finally landed the last step at the top facing the chamber of Marlan. Sighing he tipped over and tapped on the wooden door.

“Come in Jellico.” The voice said from the other side. Pushing open the door he stepped inside to find Marlan sitting behind his desk.

   Stopping in front of the desk Jellico asked with gloom, “What have I done now Marlan?”

Looking up from his writing, “Nothing yet.” Marlan replied.

“What’s the urgency then?” Jellico assumed.

“Nothing yet.” Marlan replied again.

Confused Jellico asked, “Then what the heck did you want to see me about?”

Marlan looked at Jellico, “Hold your horses; no pun intended.”,

“None taken.” Jellico snorted. “So what’s the issue then?” He asked.

   Marlan laid down his quill and looked up at the young buck, “A young girl has been having nightmares and you’re going to see what the problem is.”

Snarling Jellico asked, “And where shall this be?”

“The town of Middlebay.” Marlan implied.

Stomping a hoof, “You’re no seriously sending me there are you?” Jellico cried.

“Yes I am.” Marlan said staring the buck in the green eyes.

Dropping his head, “When?” Jellico asked gloomy.

“Tonight.” Marlan sighed. Knowing there was no arguing with Marlan, Jellico turned and left the chamber without another word knowing it wasn’t long before dark and he would be leaving.

    At nightfall Jellico was standing out on the platform staring at the starlit sky when he spread his wings for the first time other than playing around.His friends; Cooly, Demar and Shale were there to see him off.

“Hurry back you gorgeous devil you.” Shale yelled from the back.

“Make fun if you must, it’ll be your turn some day.” Jellico snapped.

“Easy horse,” Cooly soothed. “I know about these mares of children and they can be terrifying to the small ones. You’re their hope, their hero and savior from the evil they face.Go now and see Holly. She awaits you in the garden. You can’t miss it. Good luck my friend.” With that said it made Jellico feel better about himself. 

   Flapping his mighty wings he took a few steps toward the edge of the platform and was air born in no time. The higher he went the farther the fear he left behind to save the girl and become a friend to someone he may never see again. So it was his night to prove to those back in the village and to himself that he was meant to be the legend.

   When Jellico returned the next morning it was with pride that he had saved the child from the creature of the black lake. It was no more than a seahorse named Poky. To Holly it was a creature with no legs or arms that swam in the lake and she was scared to go swimming. To her it was a dragon of sorts with no fire. Holly and Jellico became friends knowing they may never see one another again but at least she would have a story to tell her children when they had nightmares.

                                 If you believe in legends, pass this on.

Furball & Jake

Folklores' of the Chosen

     Hello friends, my name is Jake, I’m a two year old husky who was found in the cold regions of Alaska by a young girl named Polly. At the time I was abandoned at the age of four months.  So I was barely alive, cold, and hungry.  Now this young lady was a feisty one when she wanted something and that something was…me. But what happened when I met the ball of fur was another story.

   Polly fought with her parents for near an hour on that cold winter day to take me home with her.  After much yelling and etc, they finally gave in to her cries. Excited she picked me up from the snow where I laid down in fear and tried to shove me under her coat. Well, since it was too small for both of us she carried me to the warmth of the vehicle where we crawled…

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