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Waya’s Chosen

Gray wolf. Français : Loup. Nederlands: Wolf T...

Gray wolf. Français : Loup. Nederlands: Wolf Türkçe: Kurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   In the beginning the Indian ruled the lands before white man rushed in and made all the promises in the world to get what they wanted; they only kept one. When they promised to take their land they did without question disrupting the life of the natives. Before then it was simple between the tribes who learned to live together, hunt as one and to be stealthy as an eagle in flight. They learned from the wolf how to care for and protect what was rightfully theirs. But time soon found them in trouble when man pushed his way in to their lives.

    When a young brave was found in the forest after several days, hungry and near death, with his buddies that were killed in a raid by the white man. When he was finally well enough he told the Chief of the tribe that a lone wolf had found and protected him until the day he taken back one. Everyone thought he had gone mad and mocked him fiercely  until he could take no more and showed them how he had been touched by the soul of the wolf.

   After many days past the young brave grew stronger than ever and quickly learned the true meaning that he had been chosen by the one he called Waya. Time prevailed that others soon came into contact of the chosen one and learned how and when to maintain their lives as one with the wolf to become a great Warrior of the clan.